Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A tender moment between Ami and Kobi...

...before it all went to s##t

Will be available as an A4 print at London Film and Comin Con on 11th-13 July.  You can find me in the Artists Alley next to my buddy, and all round top fellow, Richy K Chandler (Tempo Lush). See you there! It'll be a good one! 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sneak peek!

Here's a sneak peek at my new book, Long Distance, which will be unveiled at London MCM this weekend (23–25 May).
See you down there! : )

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Post con, we are all a little disorientated...

...Let us attribute that to exhaustion cos, dang, was it busy! Lack of sleep may also have something to do with it...

Now that I've had a week to recover, I'd like to thank all the lovely who came down. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you.

Next stop, Thought Bubble (23-24 November), where I'll be sharing a stall with Zarina Liew and Sally Jane Thompson. See you there! xx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Good Golly!

Sleep is for the non exhibitors – or those that get their stuff done on time. Damn them!

MCM is once again upon us and I am excited. I'll be in at the Comic Village on table CD8 armed with prints and books and have added to the repertoire my Speech Bubble series of prints (printed on canvas paper – they look pretty awesome if I say so myself but you can check them out below) and a new little book, Becoming a Super Hero: A guide. MCM will be going on all weekend (25–27 Oct) so pop down and say 'Hi!'. It'll be lovely to see you : )

And here's a sample page from the new book, Becoming a Super Hero. Some of you may recognize the character from an earlier book I did back in 2008 called Hero (I know, I'm not very imaginative when it come to titles...) 
Click to embiggen

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Knight vrs Serpent Monster

Howdy, peeps!
London Film and Comic Con is almost upon us and I am very excited - not least because I get to see some of the cast of Game of Thrones! Click here to see the awesome guest list. I've prepared this print, in which our champion takes on a formidable foe, for the show.

I'll also be bringing the original relief collage for your viewing/sneering pleasure. I'll be there all weekend (Friday 5th - Sunday 7th) next to my pals Kaori Onishi, Richy K Chandler and Zarina Liew. See you down there!


Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Reporting back from Super Comic Con (a little late but fully rested). Can't say I much enjoy coming back to reality but I guess that's inevitable. Thanks to all the lovely people who stopped by at the stall. As always, it was a pleasure and an honour. Below is the final print I prepared for LSCC but didn't have time to post before. Enjoy!